Library  First Aid Kit
 Outdoor Seating Caretaker & Guide (On Request)
 TV  Barbecue (Coal at Extra Cost)
 Board Games  Family/Kid Friendly
Full Functional Kitchen (At Extra Cost) 2 Large Rooms
 Cook (At Extra Cost)  Camping ground to pitch tents
 Free Car Parking  2 European type toilets/Bath
 Suitable for Family & Friends Gathering  2 Double Beds
 4 Single Beds
Outdoor Pool  Hot + Cold Shower
 Swimming at your own risk
No Smoking inside the house
Despite idyllic settings for a cool pool in jungle conditions, environmental factors and weather conditions may play a big part in affecting the colour of the pool, evenso the chlorine and ph balance is maintained for your safety and comfort everyday.  The Wearing  of proper swim attire and Showering before entering the pool ensures hygienic conditions in the pool for one and all .

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