1. It was a beautiful weekend getaway with some of my close friends. We enjoyed the pool, the BBQ at night and a dip in the river near by. We also ate some delicious Kokan food not far from the cottage and were treated to a mouth watering breakfast by the cook at Hons Ranch. i liked how serene, green and quiet it was. ill definitely come back again during the monsoons 🙂

  2. The place was awesome and tucked away in the middle of greenery. Honora was helpful with the directions, meals and quick to respond to our questions.The swimming pool was shallow but fun. We also managed to have a barbeque which the caretaker helped us with…only downside..in May it was a bit too warm and humid without any air condition in any of the rooms. Ideal for the monsoon period…if it doesn’t get too humid…but overall it was a great and different experience..away from the city life…

  3. Love the pictures, brings back great memories of a beautiful place I have visited. I love the pool and cannot wait to revisit, I would recommend this to any one looking for a place to relax & enjoy nature along with family/ friends

  4. Hons ranch is such an amazing place!
    Its one of the few places left that gives you the chance to enjoy nature but at the same time stay close to home!
    The Directions given to the place were very easy to follow
    And the staff there are very homely and friendly.
    Its a place worth visiting throughout the year!

  5. Hons Ranch is an awesome getaway from the hustle and bustle of big city life. Wake up to the sound of birds and the rustle of leaves in the wind. Literally, put your feet up and chill under the cashew tree and then to lounge around by the pool or jump in and cool off. Traditional local cuisine cooked by the care takers and very interesting stuff to do in the neighborhood.
    You will never want to leave….

  6. On Dec. 23 2014, we experienced our second stay at this ranch. The first was during the peak of the monsoons 2012.
    – The private stream that runs through the property was fully grown, soothing, exhilarating, refreshing and offered an experience beyond compare. Having a dip in the stream after a sunbath, and then topping it up with your ‘spirits’ gives one a taste of nature’s wonder.
    – The pool is fun-tastic, clean, amidst the trees with a surrounding ambience that still keeps you in nature’s lap. Taking your tonics to the poolside with your starters & snacks adds to the fun.
    – The bungalow is done up in the olden day style (see the pictures on the site). A large ‘hall cum dining’ fully furnished, antique beds to accommodate 8 (luxuriously) to 10 (comfortably). 2 toilets & baths, a microwave, fridge, gas & cooking facilities, utensils, crockery, cutlery etc. you have it all. You have the caretaker couple who buy your provisions and cook them for you (at an additional fairly reasonable cost). They even do your ‘bar-b-cue’ if you ask them to.
    – The entire property stretches over the hill and can be a trekker’s delight. There are plantations of fruits & veggies, bamboo, teak and many others. The 4 dogs (if you befriend them) will escort you on your hikes & wanderings for a reasonable price (a few biscuits or anything that shows that you love them – they don’t accept currencies), to ensure that snakes & unwanted intruders are kept at bay.
    – Khamb, is a km away with a small eatery, but with food available at the bungalow, who wants to drive down after being well-appetized by the spirits. Kolad which has a railway station (on the konkan line) is about 4-5 kms away and has a petrol/diesel station. You can buy your tonics (most common brands are available) at the same rate as in Mumbai.
    – The best access is via the expressway and then from Khopoli to Pali, to touch the Goa Highway at Chakkan. You are then a few kms from the ranch which can be easily missed. We have requested the owner to put up a signboard ‘Hon’s Ranch’ for the benefit of all. Even we missed the ranch, despite coming the second time.
    – We were a family of 8 (all adults – parents, 3 children with their partners), so from ‘children’s point of view’, I wouldn’t be able to comment.
    – A rare combination of a self-contained bungalow in a densely forested area, accessible, yet lost in Nature, no one disturbing you or getting disturbed by you, the birds, the trees, a stream, a pool, and at a price which doesn’t pinch your pocket. You are all to yourself on that vast property, unlike in a resort. All that I can say is “We will keep going back for more, every time we get an opportunity”.

  7. We spent a lovely long weekend over Holi at Hons-ranch. Having planned the trip almost overnight we weren’t sure whether we would get any place at all for the 8 of us…The reply to the enquiry was quite prompt and the booking smooth.
    It was the perfect place for us, away from the crowds in Mumbai. The drive is about 3 hours. The space and peace here were exactly what we were looking for. The pool is definetely a big plus.
    We loved the fact that we could enjoy the local cuisine cooked fresh in the kitchen and avoid eating out. Though there are enough restaurants nearby we preferred hopping over to the village to shop and get the food cooked by the lady. Our girls loved playing with the dogs and lazing under the trees. Not to miss is a trek up the hills with Namdev, the caretaker and the barbecue under the stars.

    Do not expect anything fancy. It is a basic comfortable stay close to nature.
    The place is exclusive as it is kept like a home and not done up for commercial value.

    Would help to carry along board games, balls, rackets etc. if you are with a bunch of kids.

    Thanks Maria and Honora for sharing your beautiful home with us.
    We have discovered our escape from the city! Will visit again soon.

  8. We planned this trip just one day before leaving Maria aunty was really helpfull with the booking, explaining the route, different options to travel. Thank you aunty..
    We reached the house around 1:30 2 in the afternoon all my friends loved the house and the interior the best part about the house was the pool it was amazing. We just changed and jumped in the pool. The place was much better than you expected. The caretaker uncle was really sweet and helpfull there were these very friendly dogs. We had our lunch at kolad before reaching the house. For dinner we went out to this walkable dhaba called deepak the food was good not that great. All my friends loved the place the interior and everything. If your thinking to go away with family or friends this place is really good I can’t wait to come during the monsoons and see the private stream and try the caretakers Food.. Thank you Maria aunty.

  9. Guys.. It’s an amazing place to stay.. We were 8 people but at the end 2 of my friends canceled their trip… And now they regret not coming with us.. we went here in june…
    This place is not like a resort.. Bt it’s like more than a resort… You want to relax.. Feel the nature… Experience peace.. Then you’re at the right place.. The place was very clean.. The washrooms were clean and hygenic.. The pool in middle of the nature is cherry on the top ! You can also connect speakers near the pool and enjoy your pool party..
    A great place to chill , relax and a perfect getaway from the chaotic mumbai or any other city…
    The only problem is we need to carry our own food and groceries… You’ll mostly get all the things on the way… There are no good restaurants nearby so keep a good stock of food with you. The caretakers kamala aunty and namdev uncle are very helpful and kind.. They helped us made sandwhiches, pastas and rice ! They also made an amazing tea when we needed it with the cool breeze, cheerful surrounding and an beautiful whether !
    All the readers will love this place more as they have a good collection of books and novels.

    In short.. Jus arrange your food, rest everything keep it to experience !

    Thank you Mariah and Honora ! 🙂

  10. I came here with my two dear friends to celebrate my birthday and to get away from the city – a very last minute plan but so amazing.

    Its a basic bungalow with many beds and diwans to accommodate big groups of people like a giant slumber party and so incredibly reasonable yet clean and comfortable .

    The caretaker is such a lovely guy and his wife they took such good care of us, we gave them money to buy groceries and they cooked up delicious dinner breakfast and the main highlight was that they even arranged for a bbq in the evening.

    It has a lovely pool shallow but perfect to cool off in and very well maintained.

    Lotsa doggies that they cage during the day but let out at night to guard us, loved the dogs.

    It was a very special bday as I meditated and connected with very peaceful energies on the property.

    Thank you Maria and caretakerji 🙂

  11. 5 of us spent a weekend in the middle of August at Hons Ranch to celebrate my fiance’s birthday and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The quaint and comfortable bungalow is situated in the midst of a dense forest just off the Bombay-Goa highway. Though the best way to get there is via the expressway (Mrs. Maria’s detailed instructions made it very easy to find). A room and and a large living area constitute this bungalow which has a bunch of antique beds laid out in a homely fashion. If you do want something more ‘luxurious’ go, walk through the trail from the bungalow to reach the pool area. This shallow pool will call out to you all weekend, and it was a great experience right in the middle of the forest. There’s a plug point near the poolside so carry your music and you will be set for hours at end. The caretakers provided us with skewers and a BBQ grill which we fired up at night and enjoyed nice meal we grilled. Kamlaji the caretaker was sweet and helpful and cooked us a good breakfast the following day.

    Definitely going back to Hons Ranch as it’s not too far away from the city and a very soothing, different experience for a weekend getaway. Cheers!

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