By Rail:

By Road:

Trains to Kolad (KOL) 0 km: Mumbai To Kolad 113 kms
Ratnagiri Pass – All Days Pune To Kolad 122 kms
Diva Swv Pass – All Days Hyderabad To Kolad 683 kms
Rn Dadar Pass – All Days Bangalore To Kolad 919 kms
Swv Diva Pass – All Days
Trains to Roha (ROHA) 10 km
Rajya Rani Exp – All Days
Ratnagiri Pass – All Days
Diva Swv Pass – All Days
Trains to Mangaon (MNI) 21 km
Konkan Kanya Ex – All Days
Mandovi Express – All Days

By Air:

Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, which is nearly 113 km from Kolad. Mumbai (Bombay) is well connected to all major cities in India and also connected to many cities abroad. Taxi services are the one direct travel possibility from Mumbai to Kolad. It costs about Rs 2,800.

Map to Kolad

In and Around Kolad

Hons Ranch is just off the highway, Auto-rickshaws & Local Buses can be flagged as they pass through Khamb the tiny village surrounding the ranch. However Kolad is the general hub for private ,public transport and trains, buses etc.

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